My relationship with yoga began over 15 years ago and I have found it to be a valuable tool in accessing and maintaining connection with my own inner wisdom. As I deepened my study of psychology in graduate school and increased my commitment to practicing yoga I began to understand how yoga positively impacts mental health. The medical community has also taken notice and has researched the relationship between yoga and mental well being, publishing hundreds of studies touting the benefits of the physical practice of yoga (asana) as well as the practice of breath work (pranayama). Click on the links below to read about some of the benefits:



In 2011 I completed a 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved, yoga teacher training program at Asha Yoga in Sacramento, CA. Since this time I have led several therapy groups that incorporate aspects of yoga, including physical postures, breath work, and meditation. Very few of the former participants in each group had any prior experience with yoga! At the completion of each group series, without exception, all members of the group indicated a variety of benefits including: reduced stress, a decrease in anxiety and depressive symptoms, increased ability to tolerate distress, less back pain, fewer headaches, a better quality of sleep, and less impulsivity, to name a few. Check the Group Therapy page to see if a group incorporating yoga is being offered at this time. If not, feel free to suggest it! If you are seeking individual therapy and wish to include aspects of yoga in our work together, please let me know and I will be happy to include this in your treatment. 


Yoga can be included into individual therapy sessions for no additional cost. 

The costs for private yoga instruction, without psychological services, are listed below: 

60-minute private yoga instruction (without psychological services) - $100.00

90-minute private yoga instruction (without psychological services) - $150.00

Business / Organization rate - $175.00 per hour