Welcome! I'm Christina Spragg and I am a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. The following are a few things I hold dear: 

I whole-heartedly believe that when a client is ready to embrace the work of therapy and feels safe within the therapeutic relationship, therapy is life changing! The work done in therapy extends into many areas of one's life and therefore, there is often unexpected and beautiful growth in more areas than the client was initially seeking assistance. 

 I have witnessed the transformative power of therapy, both as a Psychologist, and as a client, and recognize what an honor it is to join clients on their journeys toward making meaning in their lives.

Providing skillful therapy is a science and an art form. Therefore, I utilize interventions that have firm scientific support and I make it a priority to stay up to date with current research, ensuring that clients receive the best treatments available. To honor the unique identities and needs of clients, I utilize an integrative treatment approach. Each client participates in a thorough intake evaluation and, together, we create a treatment plan that is specific to their needs. I often incorporate mindfulness-based treatments, existential philosophy, and the use of self-directed neuroplasticity (using the power of the mind to literally change the brain). I have extensive training in meditation and yoga and incorporate these practices to support clients in their work when needed. 

Therapy is a collaborative process in which trust is of utmost importance. I trust that you have valuable wisdom about your current circumstances. Throughout our work together, it is my hope that you will trust my clinical intuition and thorough training to help you grow in the ways you are seeking.

In addition to providing therapy, I create a meaningful life by practicing and teaching yoga, meandering through the woods, sharing gratitude, writing, growing and cooking yummy food, and listening to Patty Griffin on repeat.


Educational background and professional activities: I earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Auburn University (in AL) and focused my dissertation research on the effects of mindfulness practice on therapists-in-training. I completed an Internship and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of California, Davis. At U.C. Davis, I pursued specialized training in several areas: utilizing mindfulness-based interventions, providing couples therapy, and providing group therapy.  I serve on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association, work on the Review Panel for the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, and am a member of the American Psychological Association. I am licensed to practice psychology in California #27798.