Corporate Mindfulness Training and Consulting

“The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.”   – Harvard Business School

An organization's most valuable assets are the individuals who invest their time and creativity. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Unfortunately, in many work settings, employees find that their potential to excel is seriously limited by stress.

Research has shown that stress:

  • Blocks creativity, inspiration, and mental clarity

  • Damages relationships with others, negatively impacting teamwork

  • Causes insomnia and anxiety which greatly impairs innovation and productivity

Thanks to an abundance of scientific research, the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice are undeniable. Mindfulness practice trains your mind to be more focused, to see with clarity, and to have spaciousness for creativity and interpersonal connection.

We can experience some of these benefits in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Corporate executives at Ford, Google, Intel, General Mills, and Target understand the power of meditation and offer this teaching to their workforce. Elite athletes and even the US Marines have adopted this practice being hailed as "the next big public health revolution." If you'd like to learn more about the science of meditation click here.

Are you convinced that your organization could benefit from mindfulness training?

Dr. Spragg has studied and practiced various forms of meditation for 20 years and has developed mindfulness training experiences for:

  • Academic institutions

  • Corporations

  • Academic conferences

  • Mental health professionals

She provides accessible, engaging, and enjoyable training experiences to meet the needs of your organization. Dr. Spragg is pleased to work with you within your office space as well as on staff retreats off campus. 

Reach out today to develop a plan for bringing this powerful practice to your team! (512) 843-1237 or

Dr. Spragg has Delivered Training and Consultation for Top Organizations

Corporate Testimonials:

"Christina embodies calm, mindful energy as she teaches mindfulness techniques. She makes it easy even for those with no prior mindfulness practice to feel comfortable opening up to the entire experience! I would highly recommend Christina to anyone interested in mindfulness practice, from the novice practitioner, to someone with a great deal of experience looking to learn more." ~Mike Wood, High Ridge Leadership, LLC,

"It was so refreshing to be given the tools and space to practice being mindful. I can see how this will help me as a leader. I had never practiced meditation before, but I now take time each week to practice the techniques Dr. Spragg taught us, thanks for offering this!" ~workshop participant

"This was a great surprise, terrifically relevant and engaging, and pleasantly unexpected! I know there was a lot of positive feedback in the room and amongst the cohort" ~workshop participant