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Wisdom For Empowered Living
to Mar 15

Wisdom For Empowered Living

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Welcome to YOUR work

Are you ready for a big change in 2017?

As women, we need to harness the power of our inner strength and outer community more than ever before.

We must nurture the places inside of us that have been closed off or shut down. We must allow our minds and bodies to become integrated again. 

In this powerful journey into self-inquiry you'll spend some time learning how to mindfully attune to your inner emotions and needs. You'll practice making space to experience the fullness of your awareness to improve your ability to KNOW your truth. 

You'll learn about what it means to be vulnerable and courageous and how to do the work of stepping into your vulnerability with willingness.

You'll practice accessing levels of your creativity that have been lying dormant as the demands of life may have led you to believe that there's simply no time to create.

You'll experience scientifically proven ways of changing your brain's neural pathways so that you can enjoy deeper levels of happiness and attunement with yourself and others.

You'll contemplate the deeper questions of your existence related to understanding and fulfilling your purpose so that your life becomes vibrant and inspired.

You'll learn that you have choices. So many choices. Choices about how to direct your attention, intention, and compassion. Choices about how to show up for your one precious life. 

You'll have the opportunity to experience sisterhood and deep soulful relating. Don't you miss it?

We'll be nervous and eager together. 

This work will be intimate, energetic, and lots of fun! You'll receive your very own journal to accompany you through the experience. In between sessions, I'll recommend several exercises each week for you to complete at home to deepen your understanding of yourself and practice living with more empowerment. 

Won't you join us?

Space is limited to 10 women. Reserve your spot now!

Sessions meet on 8 consecutive Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 pm / January 25th - March 15th


This workshop sequence is a cost effective way to engage in self-inquiry work. In fact, the investment is 1/4 of the cost for the same amount of time spent in individual therapy with a psychologist. 

There are several payment options to suit your needs: 

Early bird discount: $450 due on 01/04/2017

$475 due on 01/25/2017

$250 (2 installments) due on: 01/25/17 & 02/22/17

*Each week's material is unique and builds on material practiced in previous weeks. Therefore, participants commit to attend every session, barring unforeseen circumstances*  



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